Vikings still lighting up the Night in York!

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Taking place at the end of October, the festival draws more than 50,000 people to the city to experience York in a new light. Cutting-edge technology creates a colourful celebration of York’s unique heritage, from spectacular sites to hidden gems.  

Photo: Triquetra, Clifford’s Tower by Kippa Mathews

In 2013, Illuminating York will spread right across the city centre with 11 brand new illuminating artworks. In addition, a fantastic programme of fringe events in some of the city’s best attractions, means that you can enjoy the festival over more than one evening, experiencing beautiful buildings by candlelight, tasting chocolate in the dark or uncovering some our resident ghosts.

The theme for the 2013 festival is Illuminating the Past, Enlightening the Future. It is 1000 years since King Sweyn ‘Forkbeard’ of Denmark was named king of England in 1013. Incoming communities and cultures have played an important role in the development of York as a City. York has deep and strong links to its Viking heritage in particular and the waves of invasions that York has experienced over the years, creating a vibrant city with a rich and varied culture.