A Big Duck

A Big Duck

A giant Duck could theoretically provide environmentally conscious Copenhagen with solar energy and hydropower

Ducks seem to be a denigrated fowl, as both the English and Nordic speaking world use the expression a “lame duck”, but I think we’ve found the exception.

This year Copenhagen hosts the Land Generator Initiative competition, whose goal is to unite art, technology and architecture in to the landscape. A team of British designers and artists have proposed a floating tourist attraction that would gather solar energy in Copenhagen Harbor as the Danish city works to become carbon-neutral by the year 2025.

Built from lightweight steel and covered in solar panels, the “energy duck” would by day collect the sun’s rays and by night bask the harbor in LED lights that change color in rhythm with the hydro turbines inside it, according to blog designboom.

Visitors wouldn’t just be able to admire the light show from a distance, they’d be able to board the energy duck and see the inner workings for themselves.

The supersized bird was developed by artists and designers Hareth Pochee, Adam Khan, Louis Leger, and Patrick Fryer.

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A Big Duck