A Burning Man

burning man insanity jacob møller

Right now, september 2nd, Burning Man 2014 Art Festival is going down in the desserts of Nevada. This is not your typical party. This is a week-long annual event of insanity where every desire, idea and feeling evolves into a collective bonfire making the earth itself respond. So why would CultureNordic care about this event? Does it relate to the Nordics? No. Not until now at least… A Vikingship has been seen sailing in the fogs of dust and sand. The Vikings are truly having a revival this year: The Vikings series from HBO, New research about Inuits, the possibility to buy your own Vikingship and the recent findings of a Viking Ship in America (the last one was a hoax though (but still!)).

burning man jacob møller viking ship

Have no fear – The Vikings are here! and are here to stay… Find your favourite Viking Jewellery or accessory from the Viking Ship Museum of Denmark.

Burning Man is a complete bucket of insanity and we love it. This is why we’ll release a small movie later this year by photographer Jacob Møller who right now is visiting the festival of 2014.


A Burning Man

The observant viewer might have noticed that the Viking Ship is sailing backwards. Well… Welcome to Burning Man.
Photo credits to Jacob Møller.