Astrid Kruse Jensen at the Johannes Larsen Museum


A fantastic and evocative photographer exhibits at one of our favourit museums.

Astrid Kruse Jensen invited in 2013 to create works for Jægerhuset at Henne Kirkeby Kro – a lovely location on the wild west coast of Jutland. Following in the footsteps of artist and hunter John Larsen’s 100th anniversary of his first visit to the region by Filsø. The result is a series of dreamy and expressive photographs, that reflects the beautiful and at the same time rugged scenery of the area.

Based on John Larsen specific titles of his works, Astrid Kruse Jensen began a journey and built a story into the magnificent landscape. A story without a narrative – without beginning or end – but a story that plays up to the viewer’s imagination. Equipped with an old Polaroid camera and outdated film , she creates a meeting place between past and present – between how John Larsen created his works, and how she as an artist experiences the place and the moods he sought. Astrid Kruse Jensen wanted to let chemistry be a visible part of the subject and help to shape the final expression. Some areas of the photographs have no reference to subject whilst other aspects are mood based – creating a dreamy veil over the entire scene.

Astrid Kruse Jensen graduated from The Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Holland and later at Glasgow School of Art. She is represented in Martin Asbæk Gallery.