Einstein, Newton and ………?


Sensational find at the Danish National History Museum

Yes, up there in the top three of all time scientists, is where the head of Communications at the Natural History Museum Hanne Strager, places Darwin. And it’s a re-discovery of hand written notes and specimens of the Darwin’s Barnacle, that’s making a big splash within Scientific circles these days.

In preparation for a large exhibition planned for later this year, Hanne Strager, herself an author to a book about Darwin, was keen to include her hero. Following a hunch, based on a correspondance Darwin once had had with a Danish biologist, Hanne rummaged in the archives and not only found original letters written by Darwin, but preserved in the extensive basement, a whole collection of Barnacles, handled by the great man himself!

By the way, did you know that the Barnacle attaches it’s head to the rock? So what you’re actually seeing is the Barnacle’s bottom, through which it feeds. Nice.

All of this before Darwin became a megastar of his day. Look forward to the exhibition where the museum present Molly – who just happens to be a full sized dinosaur!