Essence of Ballet

Have you seen Danish photographer Ingrid Bugge’s work “The Essence of Ballet”? In this video she discusses her fascination with the human body. She herself says: “There they are, the dancers, so fine and gracious, with make-up and dressed in elf clothing and troll fur, beetle wings and rococo wigs. It’s an enchanting sight. I carefully take the camera from my bag. I do not dare to press too hard on the release button or stand too close. I feel like a stranger here, trying to settle in. I am given permission to photograph from the auditorium, from behind the scenes and from the rigging loft, where the light technicians work. Looking through my viewfinder, I constantly discover new expressions in the movements, captivating me. Lights glide poetically over the magical scenery. The orchestra fills the theatre with music. The dancers are transformed. The orchestra and the dancers become one. ” –  Ingrid Bugge on The Essence of Ballet.

You can find some of her images on our site here