Get up close to see these impressive runestones at Kongernes Jelling

What a great way to preserve these impressive runestones!

At the Experience Centre Kongernes Jelling you can learn about the Viking kings Gorm and Harald, their rune-stones, the huge ship-setting and the gigantic palisade which was built over a thousand years ago.

In the tenth century, at the highest point in the landscape west of Vejle, the kings Gorm the Old and Harold Bluetooth created a monument that is unique in the Nordic context. The oldest feature is the remains of a huge ship-shaped stone setting – then came the rune stones and the mounds, and finally the palisade.

Gorm the Old’s rune stone links the royal couple Gorm and Thyra to a kingdom called Denmark. The story continues on Harold Bluetooth’s rune stone, which describes a central event in the history of Denmark: the King’s acceptance of Christianity on behalf of his whole people. For that reason the stone is often called “Denmark’s Certificate of Baptism”.

You can read more about the runestones at the Experience Centre here