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CultureNordic Editions

Our museums are the guardians of cultural authenticity, and as such we have come to expect that their souvenirs and mementos are more than just branded knick-knacks.

At CultureNordic we are dedicated to the development of authentic and meaningful gifts, which faithfully express the museums core narrative.

CultureNordic assists in the rediscovery of the unique artefacts and iconography that make up the individual Museums cultural DNA – allowing us to refashion exciting, contemporary and desirable gifts.

The CultureNordic team are dedicated to marketing Nordic museums to a global market by presenting the very best in curated gifts.


Danish Maritime Museum #2: Architect BIG

from €26,00


Danish Maritime Museum #1: Architect BIG

from €26,00


Sailing Vessels at Wilders Plads, Copenhagen

from €26,00