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  • The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde - the epicenter of Nordic maritime history

The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum  is very fittingly, set on the beautiful shores of the Roskilde Fjord, where from the Viking invasions of Russia, the British Isles and Northern France were launched. The ancient Nordic capital of Roskilde, where Nordic Kings and Queens are buried, acts as the backdrop to this magical living Museum.

Visiting the museum, you not only get the chance to marvel, at the ancient ships recovered from the fjord, but also have the opportunity to feel, smell and even taste the world of the Vikings. The Viking Ship Museum is a research center and boat building yard, where anciet skills are rediscovered, orginal tools recreated and brand new Viking Ships rebuildt.

Most famously perhaps is the Sea Stallion, which the Viking Ship Museum  built in 2004, and which has featured many times in the media, as it sets sail for Dublin or Ireland. Later this year the Sea Stallion will be the star attraction in Berlin, as the popular Vikings exhibition arrives, from the British Museum to Berlin.

Today School children, Sea Scouts and Corporate Teams all get to experience and appreciate the real world of the Vikings – a race of people, hailing from the far North and who changed the course of history a thousand years ago. 


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