Pottery goes potty – The Kähler Vase

The Kähler Vase

In an era where crowd generated hysteria is usually associated with new releases of Hollywood Blockbusters or new iPhones, we were yesterday witness to an extraordinary mass hysteria concerning…. wait for it…. a new vase.

Kähler.com announced a re-release of one of their classics, which led to 17,000 customers blocking an on-line sales shop for up to 7 hours. A witty journalist from the National Broadcasting Corporation waxed lyrical on alternatives to waiting for a vase on line, by pointing out that you could have sex 77,5 times (do the maths youself), experience the Ebola epidemic  (yes, the time it takes to fly to Guinea) or watch Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze engage in intimate pottery lessons 12,600 times.

Whatever way you look at it, we the CultureNordic team are all for the revival of cultural artefacts and hope this is not the last time we get to see hysterical retail therapy in a cultural context.

To those of you who did not succeed in buying a vase or who haven’t even heard about the 175th anniversary vase till now… Fear not!! We have found a solution: “The Kähler Kit”! For every order at CultureNordic for the next 14 days we will send “The Kähler Kit” with your order; consisting of 5 original pieces of gold laminated stickers. You can now make your own Kähler Vase! We will provide this for you free of charge – just write “I demand The Kähler Kit” with your order.

If you wan’t a vase with your order we recommend Marion Fortat’s Gum Vase.


For those of you with less irony: Note that this is an initiative with no direct reference to Kähler.

Pottery goes potty – The Kähler Vase