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designer christmas gifts

Marie-Louise Munter, the lady behind the international design blog, has in collaboration with the store manager at Design Museum Denmark, Ann-Christine Rørvang, picked out their own personal top 10 designer Christmas gifts for the both small and large home.

Expectations to this year’s Christmas gifts are high, because we don’t only want to satisfy the receiver, we also want to satisfy ourselves. “How is this gift a reflection of me?” is the thought going through the heads of the happy givers. In other words we want to be seen as creative, cultural and intellectual. To meet this challenge, Marie-Louise Munter and Ann-Christine Rørvang have together found 10 gifts, from major design shops and museums in Denmark and abroad, ranging between €7 kr. and €600..

The Lyngby vase is a classic and was designed back in 1961 by Esben Klint, who today is an icon of Danish design. The lamp newly relaunched looks exactly as it did back then.
Seen for €466

Design Museum London has a great collection of books. Our favourite has to be ”The Bike Deconstructed – A Grand Tour of the Road Bicycle”. Perfect for the enthusiastic city cyclist, triathletes or Islington mums.
Seen for Pris: €25

Aalto Vasen is a Finish classic from 1936, which the Museum of Modern Art in New York elevated it to when it was inaugurated in to their ”MoMA Collection”. Aalto is Finish for wave, which I think is clear when you see the unique shape.
Seen for €115

At the Design Museum Denmark we find the Danish Designer Yvonne Koné, that started the company of the same name in 2011. Yvonne Koné was educated at the Royal Arts Academy and has specialised in producing quality products. This more mundane handbag is from her collection and produced in Italy and made of 100 100% Italian Buffalo leather. Great for both him and her.
Seen for €600

There is Authentic Nordic old and original Swimming C entre in the old Copenhagen suburb of Frederiksberg, which for a period commissioned a series of prints, which today are collector items. The retro like theme was created amongst others by Søren Brunos, this one being the woman with a red bathing cap in the 30’s, now available as a new print. The posters ooze of zen and well-being in an otherwise hectic lifestyle. Perfect for the minimalist home.
See for €33

The “Margrethe bowl”, designed by Jacob Jensen (while working for Acton Bjørn and Sigvard Bernadotte) for the firm ROSTI in 1950 . The bowl was named after the Danish queen Margrethe in 1954. Today to be found in most Danish kitchen and now available in porcelain.
Seen from €6

Granddads rocking chair has finally lost its rocker. Luckily, the Danish cooperative COOP, has in in finest entrepreneurial style re-launched the entire FDB series. We love the Børge Mogensen rocker in FSC-certified wood. An ecological classic!
Seen for €40

This ecological face and body scrub by Naturfarm actually contains amber and is paraben free. Amber is fossilised harpics and lain at the bottom of the sea for hundreds of thousand years, and is only found in the Baltics. It not only has a range of beneficiary effects on your skin, but reminds us that we need to take care of our generous planet. Here found at the Danish National Museum.
Seen for €30

The fashion industry has for years dictated how women should look like. Albeit the more natural forms are making a come-back. No such issues here, with the Danish Artist Ib Spang Olsen, who illustrated a wide range of books, amongst other those of Halfdan Rasmussens, which are odes to love and the natural womans body; here wonderfully represented on the Nordic museum shop CultureNordic.
Seen for €180

Aristoteles numbers puzzle is that perfect gift for your niece, nephew or friends children’s. A fun, educational and entertaining gift that challenges and teaches the young that arithmetic is something you can also practice without a mobile, calculator or iPad! Aristoteles (284-322 f.Kr.) was a Greek philosopher and scientist; and founding father of western philosophy.
Seen for €13

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