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Now, your boyhood dream of captaining your very own Viking ship can become a reality. The Viking Ship Museum handmade Viking ships has moved into a new digital era, and anyone can now order their very own authentic Viking ship with a single click.

Have you always dreamed of your very own authentic Viking ship? Handcrafted in accordance with the original methods and techniques? But you haven’t really known, where you were to get hold of one?

Well help is on hand and you do not have to dream anymore. The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde has brought the past into the present and made it just as easy to shop Viking ships as buying bread at the grocery store. They are experts in building Viking ships, and now they have made their handmade dragon ships (as they were also known) available through the Nordic museums shared webshop,

And there is no doubt that there is demand for this item on our webshop. Today’s busy consumer are looking for authenticity, traditional tales and good craftsmanship more than ever before: “Vikings are popular as never before. The television series Vikings! on HBO and the National Museum of Denmark’s successful Viking exhibition, which has moved on to London and Berlin, are good examples. That’s why we have no doubt that an authentic Viking ship online will fulfil a childhood dream for private persons and companies – whether for a weekend cruise or a spectacular marketing statement”, explains Anders Røge, marketing director at Nordic Culture .

The living Viking Ship Museum has long used the old shipbuilding tradition to produce the old wooden ships for research , exhibitions and documentaries. But now the time has come where private individuals and companies, can also get their hands on a true Viking ship – and of course just a click away.

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