Scandinavian Modern Houses 4


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LIVING ARCHITECTURE presents Volume 4 of the book series SCANDINAVIAN MODERN HOUSES. It contains Per Nagel ''s new photographs of some of the most significant Scandinavian private houses built during the twentieth century to elucidate the distinctive character of Nordic architecture, and its fine interplay with the vast nature. Nordic architects having udviklede a special awareness and sense of clarity rörande one of the most important elements for Northerners: the light! This sensibility for the different tonal qualities of light, and the extremely conscious use of light as the most important form producing and space-Defining element is kanske the most remarkable common feature of Nordic architecture - the spirit of Nordic Light!

Scandinavian Modern Houses 4


Author: Per Nagel, Vibe Udsen
Publishers: Living Architecture
ISBN: 9788798759782
Dimensions: 31 x 23 cm
Language: Uk
Type: Hardcover