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"The Message of the Flower - IS THE FLOWER"

Maria Dubin - Blixen Flowers

"The trick, it's simply an effort to capture and retain the particular moment, its atmosphere and its importance, the instant magic of a single woman or flower, and to make it indestructible."

Since the beginning of spring, Maria Dubin been a frequent visitor in the garden at Rungstedlund. This has resulted in 100 drawings and five large oil paintings that are published in the book "The Message of the Flower - IS THE FLOWER.

Now you can get them as high quality art prints through the CultureNordic Authentic Nordic series!


Technical facts
- Quality: 170 g semimat
- Print Type: UV - 6 color CMYK
- Cleaning: Yes, with damp cloth

Technical Facts for the Glass print
· Iron-free glass with polished edges
· Print type is UV – 6 coloured CMYK
· Sunlight resistant which means it never fades!
· Can be cleaned with a damp cloth