The First Steps – Comic Book


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Before the Inuit, and before the Vikings the first peoples crossed the Bering straight and headed in to the vast wilderness of Canada and Greenland.

It is 4500 years ago. We are in northernmost Canada and Greenland. Following a vendetta a small group of people are leaving their familiar world behind to migrate into unknown areas in the east. But the sea ice is brittle and the hunting unsuccessful so they do not make it. Only the boy Nanu and a few others survive.

Nanu cannot forget the new hunting grounds, and when he grows up and becomes a big hunter, he and his family once more travel to the east - and into Greenland! Here they explore the northernmost parts of the world, they hunt musk ox, and settle down. The circle is completed when Nanu and his group of independence hunters, who migrated to the northward of Greenland, meet the first people, who went to the southward of the country, the Saqqaq people.

The first Steps´ is based on a close collaboration between the Greenlantic artist Nuka K. Gotfredsen and a team of archaeologists from SILA - The Greenland Research Center at the National Museum of Denmark.


Number of pages: 60
Binding: Hardback
Illustrations: fully illustrated comic Book
Size (WxH) in cm: 28,2 X 29,0

Author: Nuka K. Godtfredsen