Gold and Enamel Dagmar Cross Pendant


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Beautiful Dagmar cross pendant in the same size as the original. The cross is a Byzantine relic cross from the 1100s made of solid gold and enamel with the cloisonné technique. On one side, Christ is depicted on the cross, and the inscription in Greek letters at the top reads: "Jesus Christ." On the other side, the Virgin Mary is depicted to the right of Christ and John the Baptist to the left. Above and below Christ, we see two saints - Basilios and John, nicknamed Golden Mouth. The Dagmar cross was found in 1683 at Queen Dagmar's gravesite in St. Bendt's church in Ringsted. Queen Dagmar was the beloved queen of Valdemar the Victorious who was from Bohemia and died early in the 13th century. The grave is located near the altar in St. Bendt's church, and when a bride passes over the grave, she will often be wearing a pretty replica of the Dagmar cross. The original Dagmar cross is on display at the National Museum in Copenhagen.


Wear the gold pendant on a necklace.

Size: 3 x 3.5 cm