Gold Horn 2 pcs – Handmade Glass Ornaments


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The custom of having a fir tree in the living room on Christmas came to Denmark in 1808, when the first tree was lit by Count family on Holsteinborg Castle in southern Zealand . Like most other practices also came this to us from Germany , where you also imported the first Christmas tree ornaments of glass in the late 1800s.

The Golden Horns, as you can see in the picture, are made - then as now - by skilled glass artisans in Bohemia and Southern Germany and use the same old craftsmanship as 100 years ago. That is, the glass is blown through the mouth, and then silvered with a thin layer of silver on the inside. The outside of the figure is then decorated by hand with colour and glitter, then packed - also by hand.

This two-piece Christmas ornament comes in a very nice and strong cardboard box in matt black with shiny silver decoration with a transparent cover in heavy plastic, so you can see the Christmas decorations without even opening the box.

Ideal as a Christmas gift, as a gift for the host or hostess of a dinner party, or as a corporate gift...


Period: Iron Age
Material: Silver and Glass
Dimensions ( WxH ) in cm : Box : 7 x 21 Gold Horn : Large : Approximately 3 x 14 Small : Approximately 3 x 10.5 ( incl . The top)