Rune Scarf


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74Rune Scarf

Scarf with runes from Nordic rune stones and motifs from a carved wooden frieze. Runestones derived from the Viking Age, and are gravestones or memorial stones with rune inscriptions. There are over 3000 runestones in Scandinavia.

The designer is Katja Bie. Since graduating from the Danish Design School she has worked as a textile designer in the clothing branch and for several Danish theatres including the Royal Danish Theatre. Using her talent for storytelling textiles she develops unique series of prints incorporating authentic historic images. She is not following a specific trend but instead finds inspiration in the colours, feelings and moods of the historic period. You will see graphics based on the look and ideas of old manuscripts, drawings and ornaments. It’s a mix of Scandinavia’s past, present and future trends and story.




50 x 160 cm. 100% Silk

Design by Katja Bie