Small Diamond Vase in Turquoise Lush


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I once knew a little boy, a grand football enthusiast, who also loved to dress up in the most magnificent dresses and hats as ‘Moonbeam’ and ‘Star Dust’. I admired his irrepressible ability to wholeheartedly be true to everything he was, in the finest combination of soccer boy and intergalactic fairy. I will never forget his ability to create magical worlds and he reminded me to be faithful to the huge, adventurous universe that is hiding in some of us. His intergalactic adventures reminded me of how important it is that we have the courage to create small cracks in our everyday life, to let the light and magic in. That’s what the collection Tales is about. Tales is a universe of narrative, functional decoration products which seek to make our lives a little bit more magic. The matte surfaces and the faceted structures are characteristic for the collection which is made from slip casting, colored porcelain, glazes inside with a translucent glaze and matt on the outside.

Small Diamond Vase in Turquoise Lush


Each product is 100% hand crafted by Nina Meldgaard from her Danish studio.

The hand leaves small imperfections that make each product unique.

Height: 7.3 cm

Dia: 5.5 cm