The God Thor


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Beautiful copy of the Norse God Thor in brass from the 10th century. The character was originally found in Iceland in a smaller size than this copy, but is otherwise identical. In the myths that were written in Iceland during the Middle Ages, Thor was Odin's eldest son, and the second most powerful god of the Aesir family, after Odin. As the God of thunder he reigned over the weather and fought the enemies of civilization, such as giants and trolls, and protected the gods and the land of people against monsters of chaos such as the Midgard Serpent.

The Norse god Thor is the son of Odin and Earth. His wife is Sif. He has one daugther, Thrudur and two sons, Modi and Mangi. His domain is called Thrudvang and his hall, Bilskirnir, is a huge place with 640 rooms.

Originally Thor was the Norse god of thunder. He is the strongest of all the Norse gods. His weapon is Miolnir, a hammer that is the finest piece among gods and men. He also has a belt which, when worn increases is strength. His third important piece is a pair of iron gloves that he can’t be without when he uses his hammer. When used together the three pieces doubled Thor’s strength.

The Norse god Thor protects the land of the gods from the giants. If he wasn’t around and with his hammer, the giants would over run Asgard (the land of the gods) as well as Midgard (the land of the humans) and bring total destruction. Thor is constantly battling the giants and kills so many of them that he’s able to hold them back. It is this role that made the Vikings view Thor as the Norse god of war.


Copper and Zinc


Width: 3.5 cm

Height: 8 cm

Depth: 3.5 cm