Greenlandic Ulu Knife with Kayak Motif


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Greenlandic Ulu Knife with Kayak Motif. Beautiful Greenlandic handmade knife. The Ulu was used in the old days by women to rip seals and other animals, to cut hair and to cut blocks of ice with. The metal blade was made of slate and other stone.

The blade is hand forged and the handle is made of Greenlandic juniper. Greenland Ulu's are still used today, but as mostly as a piece of decorative art. The edge of the knife is not sharpened, but it can easily be sharpened up, so the knife can be used in the kitchen for example: chopping herbs, nuts or vegetables.

The knife comes in a small box and would be perfect as a hostess - or corporate gift.


Period: Antiquity to modern times
Material: Enetræ, iron, reindeer antlers
Dimensions (WxDxH) in cm .: 12 x 10.5