Rune Stone From Greenland


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Black rune stone from around 1300, found near three cairns on the island Kingittorsuaq mountain north of Upernavik, Greenland. The inscription reads: "Erling Sigvartson, Bjarne Thordalson and Enride OddsOn, Saturday before gangdag (April 25) built these cairns and .... " (The rest of the text is a bit of a mystery and there are several suggestions as to where it may have been going). It was used at the time runes to mark goods and possessions, and the three men from the Norse settlements built cairns and probably got an involuntary hibernation. The original is in the National Museum. The copy is made of coloured resin in natural size.


Period: Medieval
Material: Resin
Dimensions (WxHxD ) in cm .: 11 x 3.5 x 1 cm