Sun Chariot


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The Sun Chariot is dated from around 1400 BC. It was found when the bogs near Trundholm on Zealand went under the plough in 1902.

The small six wheeled chariot was broken into many parts but this was not only done by the plow. The chariot must have been broken already when it was dumped in the bog during the Bronze Age. The pieces were salvageable, however, and formed a miniature sun disc on a horse drawn carriage. The sun disc is made from two bronze plates that have been fused together. One side has been covered in a thin layer of gold. The horse is delicately formed with patterns on the front end forming eyes, mane and reins. The casting has been done by a master. The whole piece is put together on a frame and is to be seen as a horse drawn sun on a six wheeled chariot. This miniature copy is approx. 20 cm long which makes it some what smaller that the original. It is made from bronze patinated pewter with a decoration on the sun disc in 24 karat gold . The original is displayed at the Danish National Museum.


Bronze patinated pewter and 24 karat gold on the sun disc.


Width: 20 cm

Height: 11 cm

Depth: 7.5 cm