Roskilde Cross Pendant with Chain


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The story behind this exquisite Byzantine Crucifix is extraordinary.

The Roskilde cross was discovered in 1806, when a Copper Smith bought a wooden figure of Christ from Roskilde cathedral, as part of a clearance sale getting rid of old junk. Intended as fire wood the irreverent Copper Smith sawed off Christs head and carefully wrapped in Silk was this Crucifix made of Gold. The Crucifix itself could be opened and inside was found a wooden splint - porbably a relic from the Crucifix upon which Jesus was crucified.

The cross is now on display at the National Museum in Copenhagen. The replica's pearls are cultured pearls, the stones are semi-precious stones in the same colours as the originals, and the pendant is made of gold-plated silver and comes with a chain.


Size: 3,6 cm x 5,5 cm

Material: Gold-plated Silver