Songs of Hans Andersen – CD

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Musica Ficta is a professional ensemble led by Bo Holten, as here, along with some of the best ensemble singers, playing vocal music at the highest level.
Bo Holten counted in this field, after 16 years at the BBC Singers and now as head of radio choir in Brussels, a world leader. Musica Ficta occurs with everything from 3 to 20 singers and repertoire ranging from the great polyphonic works for refined entertainment with solo groups of 3-6 singers. In addition, feeder ensemble Danish songs in a class by itself.

On this CD you get 22 very well-known and lesser-known songs from the Danish minstrelsy, the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen has written all the lyrics for all the songs. So, are you crazy with Hans Andersen and his amazing ability to write beautiful sentences, then you can not get around this CD Musica Ficta which the musical facilitator.
1. Hiking in the woods 3:15 - Langeland folk melody .

2. Shepherd pastures his sheep 3:13 - C.E.F. Weyse

3. I love you 1:25 - E. Grieg , Soloist Ole Hedegaard

4. Jutland between the twain be 3:13 - Peter Heise

5. Frontal! - Well it grow! 1:51 - JC Gebauer

6. Small Viggo, you will ride Ranke? 3:37 - H. S. Paulli

7. Yonder, where the road strikes a bay 1:54 - JC Gebauer

8. In Denmark I was born 4:35 - Henrik Rung

9. Our life on earth is only rain and Rusk 2:15 - Bo Holten

10. Gurre (Where the Nile irrigates Egypt Ground) 4:49 - Henrik Rung

11. Agnete's Lullaby in Merman's castle 1:55 - Morten Levy

12. In Denmark I was born 3:45 - Poul Schierbeck

13. All goeth as the wind 2:19 - Bo Holten

14. Gurre (Where the Nile irrigates Egypt Ground) 4:41 - Sven Erik Werner

15. Agnete's Lullaby in Merman's castle 2:27 - Peter Heise

16. Fyn 2:21 - Bo Holten

17. Mermaid Song 1:24 - Niels W. Gade

18. Dance , dance doll my 1:23 - Fini Henriques

19. Woman with eggs 3:37 - Fuzzy

20. I bring you a small ivy vine 1:44 - Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

21 Evening 6:28 - Bo Holten

22. Estimates on it while you have me! 0:33 - Bo Holten


Period: Modern History
Genre: Choral music
Composer : Mixed composers . Texts : Hans Andersen
Music Label: Naxos
Total playing time : 62:55
Release date: 2005
Languages: Danish