Wonderful Copenhagen Mermaid Poster

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Ib Antoni's poster with the little mermaid and a tourist photographing her.

The freelance artist Ib Antoni (1929-1973) created 300 posters in just 20 years. His simple illustrations exude warmth, joy and charm and this has garnered him collaborations with brands such as Tuborg, Carlsberg, Volvo, Copenhagen's Tourist Union and many more. Many of his works have become a representation of Denmark and its culture.

Anton Antoni and Mikael Hauberg have collaborated to create new reproductions of the original Ib Antoni prints.

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As a poster artist, he was well loved in his native Denmark and renowned abroad. His Ballet Girl, Royal Guards, Eskimo, Chef and Clown posters have delighted and amused audiences of all ages. He had a gift for gently expressing and drawing out the essence of his subjects, without irony, but with charm and humanity.

The many trips abroad were inspiring, which also allowed him to meet a very large audience, which also resulted in countless friendships for life. A positive disposition, good humour and sharp repartee resulted in strong reciprocal friendships – and whilst a friendship with Ib Antoni required an effort, it was always worth the while. Discover his playful art posters below. Perfect for yourself, the office or a friend.


The Ib Antoni offset posters are all done one special paper (Munken Pure 200 grams or Scandia 2000 Ivory 150 grams). They are all done with non-fading colours and with an extra layer of Pantone gold, in the same places as where the original posters had Pantone gold added. Made in Denmark: They are all done by the only (documented) sustainable printing agency in Denmark, Kailow Graphic.
The Ib Antoni posters prints are done one-by-one (print-on-demand) one special paper. We use Epson Enhanced Matte Paper in 192 grams, that gives the same feeling as our paper used for offset prints. The prints have a guaranteed shelf life of 50 years. We use Epson UltraCrome or DuraBrite print technology. Made in Denmark: They are all done by the only (documented) sustainable printing agency in Denmark, Kailow Graphic.

Does not come framed.