Renaissance lily jacket


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This jacket was designed by Geske who trained at the School of Decorative Art (now Denmark’s Design School) in Copenhagen during the 1970’s. Following graduation, she worked in her studio with tapestry, lace-making, and machine embroidery.

This jacket is inspired by the renowned jacket men's jacket with a short shot. The lily pattern is inspired by a pattern on a children's dress from a painting that hangs at the National Museum. The jacket is also with a high collar and can not be pushed down the front with push buttons.

“The craftsmanship -- the process of working with my knitting machine to discover what it can do -- to the nurturing and development of a small detail of a design -- this is what fascinates me”.

Geske’s objective is to create high quality, timeless  designs  that can be worn year after year.


The jacket is knitted in 100% merino in jaquard technology, ie. double stitch without wires on the backside of multi-colour vest.

The jacket must be hand washed gently and put on a terry towel for drying.