Striped Rococo Jacket


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This jacket was designed by Geske who trained at the School of Decorative Art (now Denmark’s Design School) in Copenhagen during the 1970’s. Following graduation, she worked in her studio with tapestry, lace-making, and machine embroidery.

At the end of the Rococo era, the suits became more loose and informal inspired by the French Revolution and the rural life. This jacket has been inspired in a striped suit from the 1780s with wide width and variations on the theme of stripes.

“The craftsmanship -- the process of working with my knitting machine to discover what it can do -- to the nurturing and development of a small detail of a design -- this is what fascinates me”.

Geske’s objective is to create high quality, timeless  designs  that can be worn year after year.


The jacket is made from 100% merino wool, knitted in the jacquard technique - double, multi-coloured knitting that binds the yarn on the reverse of the garment.

The jacket should be gently hand-washed, and flat dried on a thick towel.