Black Box Earrings 01


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The Black Box collection is Bukkehave's latest take on modern, minimalistic and Scandinavian jewelry.
The line is inspired by the black boxes of airliners; Small mysterious boxes containing truths, secrets and the destinies of lost souls. The Black Box earstuds are handcrafted and designed to fit the everyday edgy Copenhagen look.

Christine’s work is often inspired by organic and abstract forms in nature, off late, the The Western Sea area. Christine has always been fascinated by combining classic and modern alternative materials, working with all from precious gems, sea weed, plexiglass and rubber. Various casting techniques produce the roughness that is characteristic of most of her jewellery, while also experimenting with gritty textures and structures in the metal. The rough and powerful expressions is often softened by incorporating a frail and feminine angle by adding feather light material and clean and smooth surfaces her and there.

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Black Box Earrings 01


Oxidized Silver

10x5 mm