Polished Horn Comb


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by Hornvarefabrikken
Big-toothed, polished horn comb made of cow horn. A comb of horn is beautiful and incredibly comfortable to use because of the horn's softness and heat. The horn comb will never become statically electric because it consists of the same material as hair.

Hornvarefabrikken (transl.: Hornware Factory) started in the early 1800’s making spoons of horn, but was only fully established in 1935. Hornvarefabrikken is the only company in Denmark creating homeware and decorations made from cow horn. It has carried the tradition of first rate craftsmanship for many years.


Length: Approx. 15.5 cm.
Designer & design year: Agner Andersen, 1990s.
Note: Do not carry the comb in your pocket or loose in a bag, as this increases the risk of some teeth breaking off.
Care: The product comes with instructions for care, which you can also find on the website under 'Instructions'.