Pendant With Amber Heart


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Sweet little amber-heart with silver mounts - cognac.
Amber is resin that more than 20 million years is shaped, hardened and fossilized in the ground and in the sea. A product of the long-vanished pine forests, but - as today - instead being exploited beautifully in handicrafts, and especially jewelry. In Denmark it seems, to a substantial degree, the so-called succinit - a ravtype which perhaps is better known as Baltic amber.
Amber occurs in many shapes, textures and colors. The most common and widely used amber type and color, as we know here in Denmark, is amber with reddish and brown tones, that we have chosen to call cognac.
Besides the cognac-colored amber, there are other types of amber. One of them is white amber, which shimmers from the completely snow-white shades and all the way to a warm dark yellow. Here, the color occurs due to microscopic air bubbles.
Our amber is heated up to give the material consistent results, but also of causing small explosions in the amber, which makes the living looking at.
In simple of our jewelry appears amber as green, but there is thus no question of the rare and very expensive Caribbean amber, but rather a process in which the back of the amber is not polished up like the rest of the jewelry. It adds black back, which in interaction with the beautiful golden color is amber to see green out.
As in the case of natural products, the product you receive may differ slightly in appearance from the item in the picture.


Period: Modern History
Material: amber, sterling silver
Dimensions (WxH) cm: with 1 x 2 to 1.5 x 2