Time Earrings in Oxidized Silver


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Goldsmith and jeweller Mette Saabye has created a refined jewellery line, 'Time', for the museum. A clock 'hand' left in the family's bureau from the mid-18th century with a beautiful and distinctive pattern formed the impetus for a jewelry expression that is about memories. How we remember and how things leave traces. The value is not about the amount of gold, but the memory of the person or experience.

Mette Saabye's 'Time' collection is about memories that have taken physical form, and the clockwise direction - in the best postmodern style - is torn apart and reassembled. The individual parts have found their function respectively as earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are both recognizable and logical.

Here you get a pair of time earrings in oxidized silver, whose expression are in the nature of a spiral.


Oxidized silver

Dia.: 2.5 cm