The Egtved Girl’s Brew


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Taste a 3,300 year old Scandinavian Beer!

Rediscovered from beyond the grave, a 3,300 ancient Scandinavian beer is once again resurrected.

On a warm summer day, over 3,000 years ago, a beautiful young girl was buried in the far North of Europe. The Egtved Girl, as she has been named, was provided with a range of rich grave good including a bronze dagger and a belt disk, but there was also something within the grave to quench her thirst in the afterlife. Now, 3,300 years later, thanks to the efforts of Scientists at the Danish National Museum, you yourself can rediscover a long lost brew, guaranteed to seal your beer-drinking credentials against all comers.

This unique brew from the past, is now available on-line from CultureNordic, will let you share the taste, of what the Egtved girl probably enjoyed, on her last trip to Valhalla. A subtle mix of wheat malt, honey, bog myrtle and lingonberries or cranberries, recreates what scientists discovered in a small brown bucket entombed in the grave with the girl.

The Egtved Girl's Brew is made from a recipe that dates all the way back to the Bronze Age, 1,370 years BCE, a full 2,000 years before the Vikings unleashed their fury on Lindisfarne and the rest of the world. Egtved Girl must have been pretty thirsty in the afterlife—either that, or 3,300 years in the ground led to an unfortunate leak in her beer vessel. So the brewers and historians who researched the beer's ingredients, from the dried residue had to improvise to come up with the proper recipe.

"We had the basic list for the beer, but the challenge was to find the relationship between the ingredients, and we had to taste our way to a result," said Peter Steen Henriksen, curator at the Danish National Museum. "So, is our new brew the drink Egtved Girl's people took to their graves? We cannot know for certain, but it's an educated guess."

You can buy the ancient beer, a wheat beer with flavors of malt, honey, bog myrtle, and cranberry, directly from the CultureNordic website along with other ancient Scandinavian gifts and why not purchase an authentic Viking Ship, and enjoy your beer whilst rushing through the surf!


Periode: Bronze Age

Usage: Aperitif, luches, light meat and pasta dishes.

Ingredients: Organic barley malt, organic wheat malt, organic honey, bog myrtle, lingonberry, yeast, water.

Store: Dark and cool

Size: 50 cl