Lewis chessmen in a Chess Game


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Lewis chessmen is a collection of medieval chess pieces found on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides in 1831. They come from four or five sets of chess pieces and two sets are complete. Chess pieces are supposed to be produced in Norway in the 1100s, perhaps by craftsmen in Trondheim. At the time, heard the Hebrides in Norway. Some historians assume that the chess pieces were hidden (or lost) in connection with some kind of accident during their transportation from Norway to wealthy Norwegian settlements on the east coast of Ireland.

Almost all the pieces in the set are originally carved from ivory from walrus, while a few are made of whale teeth. The set consists of eight kings , eight queens, 16 runners, 15 knights, 12 towers and 19 pawns. All the pieces are human figures , except the peasantry, resembling tombstones. Spring are riders on horseback where the horse, however, is quite small relative to the rider, and they are equipped with spear and shield. With the exception of the towers has all the human-like pieces a pretty sad facial expressions. The towers resemble other hand berserkers with a wild look in his eyes, and they bite on the shield war ferocity.

Chessmen were discovered in 1831 in a sandbar at the Bay of Uig on the Isle of Lewis' west coast. There is no contemporaneous description of the circumstances found, but they were said to have been found in a small stone-built chamber about 4.5 meters below the top of the sand bank.

Our chess has , as can be seen in the picture, a very beautiful box with slot plate on top. This box is not a copy, but is new and custom designed just for this chess game. There were never found a chess board with the pieces back in 1831, and has thus been, in good faith, tried to hit the same beautiful expression. And it has succeeded. The game is made of cream-colored resin ( resin ) and gravel. The biggest chess piece, the king, measuring about 2 cm wide by 4 cm in height. A farmer, who is the smallest, measuring about 1.2 cm in width and 2.2 cm in height.

Lewis chessmen chess game is just the right gift for chess entuisiasten or play happy


Periode: Middelalder
Materiale: Resin og stengrus
Mål (BxHxD) i cm.: Skakæske: diameter: ca. 21,5 - højde: 4