Golden Horn of Original Size


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This copy is one of the shorter of two golden horns , which can be seen at the National Museum in the prehistoric exhibition. The Golden Horn was decorated with depictions of animals and mythical creatures, and with a runic inscription, which reads: "I Lægæst, son of Holte, made this horn". Presumably , the horn was used in cultic context, perhaps as a drinking horn.

The two golden horns were found in Gallehus by Møgeltønder, the first long golden horn of the girl Kirsten Svendsdatter in 1639. The second, short horn was found 95 years later by smallholder Jerk Lassen. Both horns were given to the Royal family and were placed in the Royal Cabinet of Curiosities. From here they were stolen in 1802 by a jeweler, who added markings to them.

After the arrest of the thief the was gold returned by buyers, and then melted again. The Golden Horn is reconstructed with some uncertainty from drawings from the 1600s and 1700s.



Period: Iron Age
Material: Brass plated resin ( sheet brass )
Dimensions (WxHxD ) in cm .: about 12 x 14 x 45