Arctic Fox Art Print

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Fur - Life and Death is a major exhibition at the National Museum of Denmark, which is all about fur clothing. The exhibition includes historical and contemporary fur garments from the northern hemisphere, but also represents a forum for current debates on fur, exploring the ethical issues of farming or hunting wild animals to use their coat as clothing.

To commemorate the exhibition we had a look in to our archives and found this delightful picture of the Arctic Fox Art Print, which was taken on the 5th Thule Expedition – The Danish Ethnographic Expedition to the North American Arctic between 1921 and 1924.

The great explore and adventurer Knud Rasmussen from Greenland was on an journey of investigation that started in North America and traveled 20,000 mile by dog sled with a band of colleagues to Siberia. The thing that fascinated Knud the most was the people. Knud was like a son of an Eskimo, and spend a lot of time in the trading post he had established, Thule. He mapped the unexplored parts of Greenland  on his first four "Thule expeditions". On his fifth expedition he discovered how the Eskimo world was connected across long distances from the Atlantic Ocean to the Chukchi Sea. He discovered that people in this large region shared culture and that there language shared the same roots. After Knud Rasmussens first expeditions there have been a whole lot of expedition, around Thule. The crown prince of Denmark was on the Sirius expedition in 2000 from Thule in the nort west of greenland down the polar sea to the Sirius base, Daneborg.

This Arctic Fox Art Print from the fifth Thule Expedition remembers about the story of Knud Rasmussen, the Eskimos and the wild nature of the north.

The Nordic area has been visited closely by scandinavian photograph, Carsten Egevang from Copenhagen, Denmark as well. If you are into beautiful art from the ice try take a look at his book life at the edge or one of his art prints.


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