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Hand on Paw Photo by Carsten Egevang.
The inhabitants of Scoresby live in truth A LIFE AT THE EDGE. The settlement represents the edge of where to find human habitation in the sparsely populated eastern Greenland. Nearest inhabited area are 800 km to the south, and north of Scoresby start the world's largest national park. The inhabitants of the isolated Scoresby same time live on the edge of livelihood. Supplies from the outside world to the city is extremely sparse, and traditional hunting shall form a larger role than most other places in Greenland.

Carsten Egevang is awarded in several international photo competitions, including as category winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - the highest position a Dane yet received the prestigious competition. He is also awarded "Danish Nature Photographer” in 2011 and receiver of the Greenland Government "Environment and Nature Prize" in 2012.

"Photographs in black and white represents for me something timeless - a moment of documentation, often at first glance can be difficult to set a date on. At the same time, they can express feelings to a degree that is simply not possible if the same image was in color. The black and white photo tradition represents purity along with the gray tones between these extremes, forcing the viewer to concentrate on the subject and the composition of the picture, and not be bewildered with "cheap tools" like the glorious red colors of a sunset. Black and white photos express both something raw and gritty - something simple and honest!" - Carsten Egevang


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- Quality: 170 g semimat
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· Iron-free glass with polished edges
· Print type is UV – 6 coloured CMYK
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· Can be cleaned with a damp cloth