Nebra Sky Disk Necklace


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An exciting and conspicuous Bronze Age necklace (approximately 1700-500 B C). This piece of jewellery is a small replica of the sky disc from Nebra, Germany. The finding itself from Nebra is a slim bronze disc with a diameter of around 30-32 cm.

The gold leaf symbols were interpreted as the sun or the full moon; also there are 32 stars. Perhaps this tells us that astronomy was in use some 3600 years ago. The disc "suddenly" appeared in the international antiquities market in 2001. The seller claimed that it had been found by illegal treasure hunters using a metal detector in 1999. When caught, the treasure hunters were able to show the archaeologists several other finds from the same dig (bronze swords, two hatchets, a chisel and fragments of spiral bracelets), which have been used to help date the find. The beautiful pendant is in solid bronze. The sky is in patinated bronze, and the celestial bodies are gold-plated. The bronze colored polyester string is 1 meter long and has gold plated brass pearls at the end to make a beautiful finish to this delicate pendant.

Nebra Sky Disk Necklace



Bronze, gold, gold plated brass and a polyester string.

Sky Disc Dia.: 4.2 cm

String Length: 1 m