Sunlight on the Floor – Polished Brass Bracelet


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The National Gallery recently held a Jewellery Competition and we were very taken by the runner-up winner Ai Kennedy and her creation inspired by the wonderful Interior in Strandgade, Sunlight on the Floor by Vilhelm Hammershøi  from SMK's Art Print collection -

The designer Ai Kennedy comments:

The room seems clean and quiet, and comfortable with warm sun light. I imagine the life there to be calm but emotionally rich. There are not too many objects, but those that are there appear to be carefully selected, adding personal touch to otherwise simple interior, thus enriching their everyday life.

I felt that jewelry I would design should do the same - add some unique presence to simple outfit for someone who knows what is important in their life. So I designed a piece that could be worn with modern, sophisticated and well-constructed clothes.

Geometry was taken from each element in the interior, and the components were layered to add visual volume to the cuff without making it too heavy. But the most important element in the painting was the sunlight on the floor, of course. It made me think of the passage of time. To me, it was the representation of not just the moment that was captured in the painting but the time the painter had spent in that home. So the window component of the cuff was elevated from the base in order for it to cast shadows on wearer’s wrist. I’m curious to see how shadows change depends on the time of a day and a year, and how that would be associated with a wearer’s story of their life.


3D printed in Polished Brass: Pure brass that's hand-polished to a fine sheen.

Width7.1 cm
Height5.8 cm
Depth3.5 cm