A Trip to Mars – The End of the World – DVD


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A Trip to Mars - The End of the World - DVD. This DVD contains two action films from the Nordisk Films Co. Both films display the high production value Nordisk had attained after almost a decade as one of the top five film production companies in the world. In The End of the World (1916) the rumour spreads that a comet is on a collision course with Earth.

Inspired by the fear evoked by Halley's Comet in 1910, this film was clearly addressed to a public in an age of war. A Trip to Mars (1918) is a lavishly produced space-travel picture and a milestone in the science fiction genre. The contemporary fascination with aviation is evident: the space-ship has wings and a propeller, and the crew is clad in leather aviator outfits.


Director: August Blom / Holger Madsen
Length: 77 + 81 min.
Zone: Region 0
Year: 1916 + 1918
Country: Danmark
Publisher: DFI
Subtitles: Danish and Enlish intertitles