Carved Drinking Horn in Brass


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Make like a Viking and fill this exquisitely carved drinking horn with mead. The Vikings carried their horn everywhere, strapped to their belts. The drinking vessel  is lined with brass at the rim and on the tip, and is carved with a dragon motif. The horn need not be used for drinking only, it is also ideal as a decoration. Comes with a stand.

Drinking horns are attested from Viking Age Scandinavia. In the Prose Edda, Thor drank from a horn that unknown to him contained all the seas, and in the process he scared Útgarða-Loki and his kin by managing to drink a conspicuous part of its content. They also feature in Beowulf, and fittings for drinking horns were also found at the Sutton Hoo burial site.

Horn fragments of Viking Age drinking horns are only rarely preserved, showing that both cattle and goat horns were in use, but the number of decorative metal horn terminals and horn mounts recovered archaeologically show that the drinking horn was much more widespread than the small number of preserved horns would otherwise indicate. Most Viking Age drinking horns were probably from domestic cattle, holding rather less than half a litre. The significantly larger aurochs horns of the Sutton Hoo burial would have been the exception.


Size: Ca. 30 cm length, ca. 9 cm diameter
As the horns are unique, the colours and sizes may vary.
Material: Horn, Brass and Leather
The horn has been scraped, sanded and polished on the outside.
Treatment: Clean the horn with a bottle cleaner, before use. When cleaning, use warm, but not boiling water, as this may damage the horn. Always clean and dry the horn after use. Do not clean the horn with chemicals or soap, and do not put in the dishwasher. To maintain the horn's colour and shine, occasionally rub it in oil.