Dragon Pendant and Brooch


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A beautiful, elegant replica of a Dragon Pendant and Brooch, a piece of jewellery recovered around 80 years ago at Roskilde, the city that became the capital of the kingdom at the close of Danish prehistoric times. This is where Svend Estridsen and his sons resided, and it is believed that the owner of this piece should be found among them. In the art of the late Viking era, a favourite motif was an animal of indefinable zoological heritage, but unquestionable elegance, whose body is often depicted entwined by a snake. This is visible on the Jelling Stone, in the woodcuts of the era and in jewelry, and this brooch is a sterling example of the latter. With the advent of Christianity in Denmark, six hundred years worth of evolution in heathen Viking era animalistic art were sadly swept aside by Christian plant ornamentation. But the death of Viking art is at least a beautiful one. This brooch is currently kept at the Danish National Museum.