Small Viking Glass


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This elegant Viking glass is the kind of glass known as a 'funnel beaker' – the most common drinking glass from this period in time. It is known and has been seen with many different decorations and expressions throughout Scandinavia. The shape of the glass has been used to explain a few things regarding the so-called ”Germanic drinking habits”. Well, they had to empty the glass to the bottom, as they could not – for one very good reason, that is the shape of the glass – put it down.

The accompanying spiral iron glass holder is a modern design, made in order to accommodate the need of today for a glass that can stand. In the Viking age they drank beer and mead. However, mead was made from honey, and thus not available to everyone, whereas the beer was very similar in taste to the beer of today, although it was made with sweet gale rather than hops.

This type of Viking glass is known from both Ribe, Birka and Hedeby and is most commonly found in women’s graves. In its day, the glass has probably found its way to Scandinavia from the Frankish Empire, and was brought home by Vikings on one of their numerous travels.


Light green glass.


Height: 16 cm

Dia.: 8.5 cm