Valkyrie from Hårby


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Small statuette designed as a copy of a piece of jewelry found at Hårby on Funen. The initial finding is one of the most unique finds in Denmark in the past several years. The figure depicts a valkyrie, one of the mythological female warriors who retrieved fallen warriors on the battlefield and brought them to Valhalla. The figure is approx. 10 cm high and mounted on a 2 cm stone plinth. Valkyrie is equipped with a sword and a round shield, so there is no doubt that she is ready to fight. In contrast to this, she has large almond-shaped eyes, a cute little nose and an impressive ponytail that goes from the head and far down the spine. Unlike other jewelry from that period, the Valkyrie is three-dimensional, providing a unique and detailed insight into the Viking clothing and hairstyles. The figure also shows that the Valkyries were not just a myth that were created in a later period, but were really something the Vikings believed in.


Bronze patinated pewter and 24 karat gold on the sun disc.


Width: 20 cm

Height: 11 cm

Depth: 7.5 cm