Viking Spectical Helmet – Battle Ready


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An impressive copy of a Viking helmet in steel. This is a copy of the Gjermundbu helmet from Norway. The helmet was found during an excavation of a burial mound in 1943. Along with the helmet, many other Viking things were found, including swords and chain mail. The helmet is believed to come from around the 900s. The original can be seen at the National Museum in Oslo.

The helmet is constructed from 1,6 mm thick steel ( the nosepiece is 2, 5, etc.). Since the helmets are handmade, they vary slightly in circumference, from 61 - 64 cm.

The helmet is constructed with a visor to protect the eyes and nose. The inside of the helmet is equipped with leather straps that can be tightened, depending on the size of the head. This is definitely not a toy for children and is primarily for decorative use.