Viking Woodcarving Relief


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Wonderful carved relief with a beautiful dragon design from the Viking Age - around 1100 - carved and made by the professional carver Victor Espinoza, who performs both restorations and original woodwork . The original design is from a brooch found by Lindholm in Aalborg. The motif is carved into one piece of oak and is made in the unique urn style decoration. It includes beautiful and organic patterns with motifs inspired by flora and fauna, dragons, and snakes. The relief is a unique piece of Danish craftsmanship, and is the only one of its kind made especially for the Danish National Museum. Can be given as a very special and exclusive gift, whether for an anniversary, for the company or as a special gift for someone you love. If placed on a wall and provided with special lighting, the beautiful needlework can truly come into its own and the depth of the pattern will be more apparent, making the relief come alive.


The oak used has been treated with beeswax after cutting. Like other natural materials wood changes colour over time. It is part of the natural process. It is not necessary to treat the wood further.

Expected Delivery Time: 3 weeks.

Size: 45 x 40 x 2 cm