Trelleborg’s Viking Country Village opens with new avenues

Would you like to walk in the footsteps of the Vikings? Record numbers of people went to Trelleborg to do just that including visiting Harald Blue’s famous 1,000 year old Viking castle. You can see some of the many discoveries that were made ​​during the excavation and learn more about the castle and its function. Film, models, archaeological finds and reconstructions will give you a vivid impression of Trelleborg’s history.

A year of war and culinary disarmament

Trelleborg Viking Festival attracted more than 1150 Vikings and more than 10,000 visitors. The audience could experience the narrative’s ideas about the Nordic gods. Guests could try out forces with the Vikings weapons and crafts in the Viking country town of Slagløse in Trelleborg. Finally, visitors could experience the Great Battle of Trelleborg, where the Vikings drove together and loosened each other with weapons. The sound page with commentator on the big battle was made in collaboration with Borreby Theater.

“The museum is working to give the audience the best experience, focusing on the good story of Trelleborg’s dramatic past through activities, teaching and reconstruction. We will constantly optimize the experience for the audience, so they are excited and wiser from here, “says museum chief Anne-Christine Larsen.

Successful cooperation with the local area schools 

The development of Trelleborg’s dissemination and activities for schools continued in 2017 with great success. This was true of local schools and schools from the rest of the country. In particular, cooperation with Marievangs school and Trelleborg Friskole has been further strengthened. Both schools now have regular education courses at Trelleborg on the school schedule. Until the opening, the museum is in the process of developing new teaching and dissemination initiatives. Among other things. teaching offer The sound of the Viking Age and Archeology at Trelleborg.

“The cooperation between the municipalities of Slagelse Kommune and Trelleborg continues to provide good teaching opportunities that go hand in hand with curricula, academic goals and target groups,” says Anne-Christine Larsen.

The village of Slagløse has been renovated, allowing guests to walk in the Viking footsteps and experience their everyday lives in close contact. When Trelleborg opens for the season in 2018, it’s with a whole new arcade!