Vikings attack Berlin

The years were rolled back as the great Sea Stallion of Glendalough, the world’s largest Viking Ship today, sailed up the river Spree and took Berlin by storm. The great exhibition The World of the Vikings which started in Copenhagen, then took central stage in the British Museum has now arrived in Berlin.

Measuring 37 metres in length, it is the longest warship from this epoch ever to be found, and was built by our friends at the Vikings Ship Museum in Roskilde, and will be the centre stage attraction for this exhibition. The exhibition is divided into four themes, which branch off from the warship and lead visitors through spectacular sections such as ‘War and Conquest’, ‘Power and Dominion’, ‘Faith and Ritual’, and ‘Contacts and Exchange’.

The exhibition features splendid warrior graves and weapons, rich grave artefacts for affluent women, archaeologically important settlement finds, as well as evidence of cultic and religious practices of enormous historical value.

As always you can satisfy the Viking inside us all, with the CultureNordic Warrior Collection.

Vikings attack Berlin

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