House of Peace – Art and Architecture in the name of Peace

Cloud as roof, ocean as floor

The Nordics have always had a proud modern architectural history, and this mind-blowing award winning building – if you can call it that – is no exception! The HOPE (House of Peace) foundation wants to support world peace,  and their particular solution to achieving this  noble aim, is through an unconventional and particularly eye-catching initiative utilising Art and Architecture as the driving force.

Artistic masterpieces do not die.  On the contrary, they grow stronger over time.  

Never a truer word said!

The winner of the competition, the Danish Architect Johnny Svenborg and Japanese architect Junya Ishigami, have created a truly inspirational cross-over between Architecture and Art, and placed it right in the middle of Copenhagen Harbour. 

The cloud shaped sculpture becomes both roof and wall. These two important elements make an interior space always in a flux of change as the skies and water interact. 

In the main room the visitors can board circular boats and enter the silence of the water surface. The boats can drift out into the entire room. The boats are floating seemingly effortless like leaves or water lilies on water. We for one will be there to try it our once its built.

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