Nordic Architects: Ebbs And Flows Book


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Nordic Architects: Ebbs And Flows by David Sokol.
The second volume of Nordic Architects, features the work of 60 leading offices on the Nordic Architectural scene. Showcasing their latest works, including as-yet unbuilt competition entries, this book gives an incomparable view of the present and the future of the new wave in Nordic Architecture. Leading studios such as BIG, Snøhetta and sandellsandberg are already claiming their share of the global market with important assignments in South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the USA, suggesting warm winds blowing from the north. David Sokol is a New York-based writer and editor specializing in architecture and interiors, planning and product design. A former managing editor of I.D., today he is a contributing editor at Architectural Record, Greensource Magazine, and others.


Size: 27 cm x 22 cm